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Innervate Career Services delivers a programme that aims to satisfy the statutory guidance issued under section 45A part VII "The Education Act 2011".

The Service offers:

Independent and impartial careers guidance;

  • 1-to-1 Career Guidance interviews.
  • Group Career Guidance sessions.
  • Guidance services at parents evenings, options evenings, and other career events.

Tracking year 11 pupils' proposed plans and follow up with any necessary interventions;

  • A robust tracking service for pupils during year 11.
  • Detailed analysis of pupil's career goals and current, up-to-date knowledge of their planning activities.
  • Identifying pupils for one to one interviews and specific CEIAG activities.

Delivering the Innervate Career Services Career Activities Programme*;

  • A pre-designed career education programme with a clear structure, lesson plan, activities and hand-outs delivered by our career advisers.
  • Covering a range of group work sessions and career activities that will both support and integrate with a school's current career education programme or provide an alternative solution.

A working partnership with local post-16 education, training providers and employers;

  • Providing up-to-date local market information, course, qualifications and training opportunities.
  • Harmonising transition activities taking place within schools to those offered by education and training providers.
  • Supporting with the organisation of career, job and training, FE and HE fairs.

Support for staff and parents;

  • Working in partnership with key support staff, career co-ordinators, curriculum managers and pastoral staff to understand the requirements of the individual school and the needs of its pupils.
  • CEIAG reports and data to support OFSTED inspections.
  • Tutoring for transition: Inset training for year 9 and year 11 tutors to understand IAG needs and methods of supporting their tutees.
  • Guidance related to Investor in Career award, if desired.
  • A clearly defined entitlement framework to enable pupils, parents and teachers understand exactly the purpose and learning outcomes of career activities from year 7 to year 11/13.
  • Presenting talks at assemblies, parents evenings, options evenings, career events.

Career guidance delivery activities that encompass or develop school's Raising Aspirations, Gifted and Talented and PSHE and Career policies / plans;

  • Targeted support for those at risk of disengaging, SEN pupils and provision to support gifted and talented pupils.
  • Developing aspects of the career education programme for such specific groups.
  • Providing every young person with a Career Action Plan; an active working document which captures positive aspects of how they see themselves, their future and how they plan to achieve their goals. This document travels with pupils from year 7 to year 11/13.

* Innervate Career Service Delivery follows the three main areas of career and work related learning as suggested in the Association of Career Guidance (ACEG) framework published 2012. These areas are comprised of: Self-Development through Careers and Work Related Education; Finding out about the World of Work; Developing Skills for Career Wellbeing and Employability.