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"I wasn't sure which road to take, after speaking with the career advisers
at Innervate I had a clear understanding of how to go about achieving my goals"
Katie Rosamery - 15 years old


Innervate Career Services Limited began life when the Spelthorne network of schools requested a more complete careers service than the local authority were able to offer. Long before the statutory duty regarding careers guidance came into effect, the Spelthorne network of schools recognised the link between career guidance and raising aspirations and achievement, as well as its strategic effect in reducing the number of pupils not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Initially offering career and guidance services as a bespoke package, Innervate Career Services soon evolved in order to meet the requirement from schools to establish a clear education programme that supported pupils from year 7 onwards in raising their aspirations. The programme was to include links an aspiration plan, while developing the pupil's enterprise and employability skills and enabling them to embrace key transitions and life decisions.

Innervate Career Services has been able to develop a career education programme that is delivered by qualified, on-site Career Guidance Advisers, meaning that each pupil has access to independent and impartial information, advice and guidance. From year 9 onwards, pupils gain access to more targeted support, culminating in interviews and/or small group sessions at Key Stage 4.

Innervate Career Services employ qualified career guidance practitioners who possess local knowledge and understanding, and who are members of a number of recognised institutions and professional bodies, such as the Institute of Career Guidance and the Association of Career Education Guidance. All Innervate Career Services practitioners are committed to working within the criteria of the recently launched Career Professional Register.

Innervate Career Services are keen to expand into new locations, while drawing upon the local knowledge and experience available, in order to support and encourage young people to Aspire, Act and Achieve.

Professionals supporting pupils from year 7 onwards in raising their aspirations